Southern Oregon is a special place where business owners, non-profit organizations, and the elected officials form a team that focuses on economic development along with support systems underpinning our children and families during their time of need.  We face the challenge of a changing economic landscape combined with a lack of focus, support, and understanding from the Legislature.  I want to bring my experience and understanding for our challenges to Salem. As a retired successful business owner for 40 years, managing through two recessions with multiple locations, I will bring a unique understanding to our legislature.

Rural Oregon is a land of hard working people who believe in family values and the American dream.  I know the dreams and aspirations of our district and ask for your vote so that I can carry those hopes and needs to the legislature.  I believe in open and transparent government processes that uphold the history and vision of our wonderful area. As a County Commissioner I’ve shown Transparency, Community Involvement and Accessibility. My accomplishments include solutions for our Libraries continuing without taxpayer dollars, turning on public cameras, conducting after-hour public meetings and showing an outstanding social-media presence.

Thank you for electing me as your State Representative for HD2, with a 67% approval rating. Please, be involveed in our government. My office serves to represent the needs of our district, support each resident when they need help with state agencies, ensure that our economic needs are fully represented, and seek to re-balance the state vision and resources against all of Oregon, not just the urban areas.