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"Our choice for Douglas County Commissioner! Douglas County is a wonderful place to call home and Gary will be a good match with Morgan an Freeman"

"He has the qualifications my readership is looking for. East Douglas county needs his help."

"I applaud anyone willing to work for the greater good. Gary does so with common sense and tenacity you don’t see very often these days. Gary has been a client and a friend for many years. I wholeheartedly endorse Gary for State Representative."

"Gary is what Oregon needs to address all the many issues before us. He is devoted to working hard to solve the problems in the State, counties, and communities."

"I would be honored to assist in any aspect of your campaign, Gary."

"We support you 100%. Douglas County needs someone like you!"

Romey Ware
Dr. Lee Willis
Rex & Bea Stevens
Linda Hellenthal
Richard & Jaynee Sereni
Tuscany Ranch
Gary Wilfong
Cody Parker
Melrose Vineyards
Doug & Renee Clavell
Shaun Ryan
Inerseshen Media Design
Phyllis Wood
Andrew Owens
A&M Transport Inc - Glendale
Rick & Brenda Polland
Mini Storage & Rental Properties
John Miguelena
Shelby & Miguelena Construction
Steve Feldkamp
Umpqua Dairy
Keith Tymchuk
Norma Dykstra
Neil & Carol KASER
Umpqua Stone
Ralph Huffman
Huffman & Wright Logging
Dave & Bernadine Stults
Former State Representative
Gary's Guide Service

We support you 100%. Douglas County needs someone like you!

Teri & John Bay
Teri Bay Photography
Jodi Phillips
Lynn & Chris Goodwin
Advanced Eyecare (Myrtle Creek)
Jerry Hall
Retired Fire Chief
Pam & Kevin Bunnell
Bunnell's Overhead Door
Sharyl Lynch & Don Martin
D & S Technologies
Ken & Lois Deathridge
Mobile Tune
Joni & Gino Edwards
Syryne Jewelry
Gordon Singleton
John & Jean Loosley
Former Owners Roseburg Paving
Allan Painter
Premier Ins. Group
Absolute Motor Sports
Joe Chipanno
Tim Allen
Tim Allen Equipment
Don Sheldon
Cross Bar Leather
Fred & Bertie Dayton
Randy & Renee Briggs
Cowboy Tree Service
Valynn Currie
Currieco Real Estate Inc.
George Cook
Rosanna Gillam
Jim & Lorraine Fox
Fox Realty & Fox Dens
Ron Ellsworth

I applaud anyone willing to work for the greater good…. Read more »

Matt Danskine
Fotan, LLC
Dean & Pat McCleskey
Retired Sheriff Deputy
Sheri Carleton
Geter Done Salon
Bill & Patty Woods
Western Wings Corp
Thomas & Gina Crawford
Don Bentz
Monte Muirhead
Thadius Anderson
Danial DeVoogd
Phyllis Feldkamp
Umpqua Dairy
Ed Brown
Toby Luther
Lone Rock Timber
Greg & Cindy Hoover
Discovery Point RV (Winchester Bay)
Emily & Clyde Blakely
Dan Endicott
Kitty Roden
Kitty's Kitchen is Christmas (Winchester Bay)
Ronald B Kaul
Ray Sees
Keri & Adam Blue
Keri Blue Photography
Richard & Jaynee Germond
Steve Gerlt
Bill Roth
Dave Maks
Real Estate Developer
Melony Hakola Marsh
G-Stiles Realty
Ron & Erikc Scholfield
Clint Newell
Clint Newell Autos
Steve and Mariza Perry
Julia Henry
Roger & Nancy Snyder
Kelsey & Cheryl Wood
Gordon Wood Agency
Judy Havens
Brian Pargeter
Umpqua Insurance
Ron Mask
Mask Towing - Reedsport
Trisha Bates
Hideaway Storage

Gary is what Oregon needs to address all the many… Read more »

Carolyn Mering
Louise & Jeremy Ungerman
Louise Ungerman Photography
Doug Feldkamp
Umpqua Dairy
Eric Forrest
Big Foot Beverages/Pepsi
Gary & Janis Quist
Previous owners Roseburg Book
Roy & Margaret Ellis
William Chamberlain
Nordic Veneer
Burt Tate
Martin Myers
Trent Drake
American National Ins.
Holly Geyer

He has the qualifications my readership is looking for. East… Read more »

Julie Prentice
North Umpqua News
Andrea Shaver
Ryan Cole
Ryan Cole LMT
Chuck Ireland
Ireland Trucking
Tim Bogan
Sonja Enlow
Sonja's Sowing Basket Sutherlin
Perry Murray
Murray Services
Leanna Weber
Leanna's Reflections Photography
Jon & Susan Weston
Weston Eye Center
Lauren & Dena Young
Lauren Young Tire Center Les Schwab
Karen Gibbons
Allen & Gibbons Logging
Kathy Johnson
Miranda VanGordon
Ashley Hicks
Tommy St. Clair
Kyle Winter
Winston Drive In
Teresa Hafen
CrossWay Technology
Waylane Burgess
Steve Johnson
Louis Rachwitz
Warren Construction LLC
Andrew Shirtcliff
Shirtcliff Oil, Penny Pinchers, others
Nancy & Rick Pittman
Paul & Terri Bentley
Paul Bentley Architect
Kimberly Combs
Postal Contractor
Tom & Icy Hawksworth
Avery Lyles

I would be honored to assist in any aspect of… Read more »

Stephen Fox
Centerpointe Property Management
Charles Glanz
South Umpqua Disposal
Norma Pfeuffer
Blain & Dan Keller
Keller Lumber Co
Ali Howard
Craig Jackson
Jackson Financial Serv.
William Schmidt
Roseburg Ice Cream Co.
Carolyn & Roger Mering
Phil & Shari Washburn
Celebration Ranch
Richard Patten
Tina & Brad Jefferson
Professional Landscape
Betty Koegler
Lynn Shelby
Shelby & Miguelena Construction
Nancy & Brad Keitzman
Kelly Morgan
Khara Holborow
Steve Swanson
Swanson Lumber Group - Roseburg/Glendale
Barbara and Norm Gershon
Chuck McCullum
Neil & Cathy Hummel
Century 21, The Neil Company Real Estate
Bill & Marilyn West
Retired Banker & former Myrtle Creek Mayor
Miranda Vierra
Steve & Carol Hall
Halls Western Auto
Mike & Marianne Winters
Mary & Brian Plouff
Plouff Excavation

Our choice for Douglas County Commissioner! Douglas County is a… Read more »

Greg & Carol JOHNSON
Tim Corzine
Oregon Pacific Bank
Randy Chitwood
Service Center
Ken & Norma Wade
Silver Fox Properties
Justin Leavens
Mike Baker

Douglas Co. Chamber
Sutherlin Chamber Microtel Inn

David & Connie Hanson
Nathan Miller
Dale Rogers
John Parker Sr.
Mickey Everharg
Sandy Lipphardt
Sandy's Book Nook Winston
Rick Sohn
Umpqua Coquille LLC

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