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Thursday, June 25, 2020
Contact: Tayleranne Gillespie, 541-554-6631

Representative Gary Leif Supports COVID Liability Shield

Salem, Ore. – Representative Gary Leif (R-Roseburg) joins his Republican colleagues and ten Democrat colleagues in support of legislation that would establish temporary and limited liability for coronavirus related litigation.

“I have heard from public and private organizations in House District 2 that they need protection from COVID related lawsuits in order to safely reopen their doors and get our economy humming again. Schools have also expressed their concern that they will not be able to welcome kids back this fall without liability protection. I hope that we can work together and find a solution to this critical issue.”

It’s our job as lawmakers to ensure that organizations who are doing everything they have been asked to do by the government, are protected from potentially devastating legal threats.

Language to ensure nonprofits, local governments, schools and businesses will be protected from opportunity lawsuits, was introduced today as a dash -38 Amendment to HB 4212.

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I was sent here by the people of HD02 to represent them and their voices. My constituents have been denied access to their capitol building, and their stories and perspectives have been largely absent from this process.

We are here to serve the people of Oregon and ensure an open and accessible process. I will do my best to bring you updates and news from inside the capitol to make it easier for you to know what is happening here. Oregonians deserve to know what their government is up to!

This special session is hard to track even from inside this building, and I have heard from frustrated constituents who are trying to follow along online.

Representative Leif HD2
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My constituents care about getting kids back to school, reopening businesses, fixing unemployment, and getting back to work.

Today in Salem we didn’t talk about any of these issues. Instead we talked about issues that won’t directly help Oregonians recover from the economic fallout caused by the governor’s executive order. Let’s use this special session to address the real issues facing Oregonians.

Representative Leif, HD2
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